IngeniArs S.r.l. was born in 2014 from the long experience of his co-founders in the area of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering advanced research. The goal of IngeniArs is indeed to industrialize and put on the market the considerable results achieved by the co-founders especially in the field of aerospace, telemedicine and automotive.

The company is located in Pisa and the main focus is the design, development and commercialization of Electronics Systems, Informatics Systems and innovative services. IngeniArs is able to cope with cutting edge technologies in the continuous effort to guarantee high quality products and services for the final customer.

IngeniArs is also a spin-off company of the University of Pisa and, thanks to this, is continuously encouraging and promoting the technology transfer from the valuable outcome of the advanced research to the market.  

IngeniArs is registered as “Innovative Start-Up” according to the Italian law 221/2012.


Why IngeniArs?

The name IngeniArs comes from the smart fusion of two Latin words, i.e. Ingenium and Ars, indicating then the very strong correlation between the creativity/art and Engineering skills.  The key of success for IngeniArs is indeed the capability of putting together these two skills to create outstanding products and services able to hit the market successfully.