Gigabit Serial Link Controller IP core

The Gigabit Serial Link Controller (GSLC) IP implements the digital interface for both simple and complex communication protocols based on the most used Serializer/Deserializer (SERDES) available on the market.
The GSLC can be customised to be compatible with a very simple hand-shake/flow control protocol or with a more complex communication standard including FDIR and Quality-of-Service such as SpaceFIbre.
The GSLC IP is suitable both for FPGA and ASIC technology depending on the application demand.


Key features

  • Customisable to fulfil user needs

  • 6.6 Gbps link speed on the Xilinx Virtex-6 GTX transceiverr

  • Compatible with Microsemi RTAX2000 FPGA + Wizard Link TLK2711 configuration

  • Compliant with the SpaceFibre standard

  • Interoperable with commercial SpaceFibre products

  • Simple FIFO-based host interface

  • Compliant with the most common SERDES units (WizardLink, RocketIO, GTX)

  • Compliance with other SERDES available on request