SpaceWire/SpaceFibre NI PXI Analyser

The SpaceWire/SpaceFibre NI PXI Analyser is a complete testing solution for high-speed links in space applications. It is fully integrated in the National Instruments environment and LabVIEW and can be quickly set up to test SpaceWire based devices at their full bandwidth.

The SpaceWire/SpaceFibre NI PXI Analyser is based on PXI which is a modular instrumentation standard from National Instruments. It can count on more than 1,500 products from more than 70 vendors, speeding up testing, improving productivity, faster throughput, and increasing scalability, resulting in an overall great cost reduction.

The SpaceWire/SpaceFibre NI PXI Analyser is built upon a wide range of National Instruments boards and that guarantees a seamless integration with the LabVIEW environment. An external connection box converts the general purpose connectors of the National Instruments equipment to SpaceWire and SpaceFibre connectors.



Key Features 

• Built upon the PXIe-6591R National Instruments high-speed FPGA board, both with SpaceWire and SpaceFibre support. The system is also compatible with NI FlexRIO 7971R, 7972R, 7975R and 7976R boards, for which the NI 6583 adapter module is necessary (with SpaceWire support).
• Integrated very high speed serial interfaces EGSE
• Real time operations
• Packet generation and analysis with fault injection mode
• Operating modes:
• Link Analyzer
• EGSE Device Emulator
• Controlled through dedicated LabVIEW interface
• Fully integrated with National Instruments PXI environment
• 4x SpaceWire interfaces (200 Mbps)

Link Monitoring

Perform unobtrusive link monitoring between two SpaceWire/SpaceFibre devices

• Packet analyser
• Character analyser
• Errorinjection

EGSE/device emulator

Emulates on-board SpaceWire/SpaceFibre instrument or component

• Packet generation
• Packet consumption & analysis
• Errorinjection

External Connectivity Board

• Interface between SpaceWire Physical Ports and PXIe 6591R board
• Single-ended/Differential LVDS Conversion
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"Great strenght is definitely the easy integration with other boards into a National Instruments system, in order to obtain a compact and efficient test system"

Paolo Lombardi,

Senior Space Digital HW/FW Engineer,