SpaceART - SpaceWire/SpaceFibre Analyser Real-Time - is a complete testing solution for high-speed links in space applications. SpaceART supports both SpaceWire (SpW) and SpaceFibre (SpFi) standards.
SpaceART can operate as a SpW/SpFi EGSE, generating,  processing and consuming SpW/SpFi packets in real time, allowing the validation of SpFi/SpW based devices at their full bandwidth.
SpaceART can also act as a SpW/SpFi link analyser, which allows the monitoring of the link. In this operation mode SpaceART is connected in the middle of two different nodes and the SpW/SpFi traffic between them can be monitored by the user through the host PC.  In both operation  modes, errors can be injected on the link to verify the reliability of the communication.
SpaceART is available in two different versions:
  • Standalone: connected with the Host-PC using Ethernet protocol;
  • CompactPCIe: this Eurocard 3U format solution offers the capabilities to transfer data with the host-PC in real-time communicating with cPCIe protocol.

Key Features 

  • 4x SpaceWire interfaces running up to 200 Mbps
  • 2x SpaceFibre interfaces running up to 2.5Gbps (optional)
  • 8 Virtual Channels per SpaceFibre interface
  • Options for host PC interface:
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Compact PCIe
  • Real-time packet generation, processing and consumption through PCI communication
  • 4x user configurable trigger inputs/outputs
  • Two operating modes:
    • Link Analyser
    • EGSE Device Emulator
  • SpaceWire/SpaceFibre bridging
  • Selectable hardware packet generator and consumer to allow the easy saturation of the SpaceFibre link
  • Advanced Error injection/Word replacement capability to facilitate conformance testing of the system under-test
  • Trace memory of 8192 words (or more on request) to analyse protocol-specific features such as flow-control, acknowledgement, frame re-transmission
  • Simple yet powerful graphical user interface
  • Programmable via software API (C/C++, JAVA) for test automation and advanced processing


Link Monitoring

Perform unobtrusive link monitoring between two SpaceFibre/SpaceWire devices

  • Packet analyser 
  • Character analyser 
  • Error injection

EGSE/device emulator

Emulates on-board SpaceFibre/SpaceWire instruments or components

  • Packet generation 
  • Packet consumption & analysis 
  • Error injection

SpaceART standalone application

  • Different window for each SpaceFibre/SpaceWire port
  • Automatic measurement of actual Bandwidth both for TX and RX sides
  • Fully compatible with Linux and Windows O.S.