E@syCare gateways for telemedicine

 E@syCareis the innovative family of interactive and advanced gateways for telemedicine born in cooperation with expert doctors. Easy care is ideal for remotely monitoring all the parameters and lifestyle of patients affected by Chronic disease such as chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc.



  • Easy and reliable management of acquisition and transmission of all the parameters of the treated patient

  • Easy to use and flexible to adapt to the need of the patient and the medical staff

  • Large availability of certified biomedical non-invasive Bluetooth sensors

  • Integration with data management systems, service center, and electronic health records

  • Guaranteed Security and Safety of data communication
  • Possibility to customise remotely the agenda of the treated patient


E@syCare for Home

This solution is conceived for a monitoring executed directly by the treated patient or by a family member. This gateway is extremely easy to use and provides reminders together with a step-by-step procedure which helps the patient to carry out the activities foreseen by his agenda.


E@syCare for Nurse

This solution is ideal for management of several patients with a single gateway by specialised nurse and medical staff. The gateway provides for each patient the agenda, the history of all the measurements taken and an extensive set of usable biomedical sensors. 


Who can benefit from the use of E@syCare?

Hospitals, Local Clinics, Telemedicine service centres, private clinics willing to re-organize and optimise the treatment of chronic diseases. This is done using our solution for acquisition and transmission of measurements taken remotely by the treated patient or by specialised medical staff.