IngeniArs srl
Project co-funded by POR FESR Tuscany 2014-2020
Call 1 – Strategic research and development projects
Innovative approach for the congenital heart disease



The aim of the AIRCARDIO project is to create an innovative telemonitoring system to be employed in hospital-territorial healthcare management of pediatric/neonatal congenital heart disease, providing a tool for patients care plan management, improving the traditional clinical practice with a continuous telemonitoring of the principal vital signs at home.

Hardware/software ICT technologies (wireless connected non-invasive medical sensors, smart-hub data aggregators, cloud-based repositories and applications, decision support systems, etc.) will be employed for the collection, processing, integration and semantic interoperability of physical/psychological data with the aim to enable patients health status assessment remotely, during both medical therapy and post-surgery period.

The project foresees a clinical validation involving 30 patients, that will be led by the medical partner of the AIRCARDIO Consortium.

The adoption of the resulting innovative model of care, based on clinical evidences exposed by collected data, will produce an improvement on therapy compliance and care plan assessment, in addition to an improvement of quality of life for the patients and their relatives.

The working group is composed by: GPI spa (leader), Department of Information Engineering (DII) of University of Pisa, Medilogy srl, Sicurdata srl, National Research Council – Institute of clinical physiology, IngeniArs srl spin-off of University of Pisa.

Within the project IngeniArs will led the development of the smart-hub data aggregator, the medical sensors integration and the clinical data acquisition, processing and forwarding flows management. Moreover it will take part in the definition of the protocol for the clinical trial. At the end of this project, the smart-hub system will be certified as medical device, thus enabling IngeniArs to consolidate the know-how and strenghten its position in the telemedicine area as well as improve its product line based on E@syCare proprietary technology.

IngeniArs will be rewarded with 151.487,50 Euro founding from Regione Toscana, in relation to a 302.957,00 Euro total activity budget.