IngeniArs offers high quality design services in the areas of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, aiming at being the perfect partner able to provide complete hands-on solutions or support in specific design & development phases.

IngeniArs is able to manage all the Systems, Hardware and Software phases: from Systems specification to architectural design, prototyping, verification, implementation and final System validation.


Expertise and Skills

  • Electronics, micro-electronics and embedded hw/sw systems

  • FPGA and ASIC digital designs 

  • Complex digital signal processing algorithm modelling (e.g. Matlab)

  • IP-Cores (e.g. VHDL, Verilog)

  • Embedded software for microcontrollers, DSP e GPU (e.g. C/C++)

  • Desktop applications for Windows, Linux e Unix (e.g. C/C++, Java, .NET) 

  • Web & Mobile Apps
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