EasyTeleMed™ Professional

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EasyTeleMed™ Professional is an innovative telemedicine solution which allows caregiver or healthcare operators to manage a large list of patients with a single device during planned home visits or in medical structures.

EasyTeleMed™ Professional is a mobile App conceived for an experienced user and it allows the management of the patients’ personalized activities agenda to be performed during the visits, according to the defined treatment plan. The App guides the healthcare operator during the activities execution showing all the instructions to correctly complete the measurements.

EasyTeleMed™ Professional is able to automatically acquire data from a large set of biomedical Bluetooth sensors and to immediately forward collected data to the EasyTeleMed™ Cloud or any other e-Health Center in a secure way. It also enables the healthcare professional to manually insert vital parameters and to perform extra plan activities.

EasyTeleMed™ Professional is also available in kit version, which includes a tablet equipped with the App and a set of Bluetooth medical sensors.

Available sensors

  • ECG (up to 12 leads)
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Glycaemia
  • Spirometry
  • Weight
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Temperature

Key features

  • High number of Bluetooth biomedical sensors supported
  • Possibility to integrate any Bluetooth sensor
  • Acquisition and storage of planned and extra plan measures from biomedical Bluetooth sensors
  • Possibility to manually insert measures
  • Integration with any e-Health center and medical repository thanks to communication via XML protocol
  • Portable wireless solution
  • Possibility to submit questionnaires
  • Intuitive user interface which guides the healthcare professional during measurements execution
  • Multi-patient and multi-operator solution
  • Graphic visualization of measurements history
  • Secure data transmission (HTTPS) to the EasyTeleMed Cloud or any e-Health center


EasyTeleMed™ Professional Brochure - English
EasyTeleMed™ Professional Brochure - Italian

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