EasyTeleMed™ Cloud

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EasyTeleMed™ Cloud is a web platform that plays the role of an e-Health center. The platform collects and processes data coming from EasyTeleMed™ Home and EasyTeleMed™ Professional or any other acquisition devices, as well as data related to all users registered on the system, and makes them available to the medical staff.

EasyTeleMed™ Cloud offers the healthcare professionals a structured work environment to manage the health status of patients remotely. The web platform represents an important tool to support the decision making process of medical staff, providing a complete and updated clinical picture of the patient that can be consulted at any time and place from a single online access point.

EasyTeleMed™ Cloud optimizes the healthcare professionals’ daily operating processes, helping them to manage their work more efficiently while keeping a constant monitoring on the patient.
The rule setting functionality enables the healthcare operator to instruct the system to generate notification events upon the occurrence of specific circumstances related to patient’s activities or health status, and highlight those who violate these rules. Thus, the list of patients that require attention, classified by gravity, is immediately available once the user is logged in.

EasyTeleMed™ Cloud introduces the care team concept, i.e. several healthcare professionals who can actively collaborate in the management of the patient care plan, thus allowing the easy and immediate sharing of patient’s data among medical staff.

Key features

  • System users data management
  • Management of the patient’s electronic medical records
  • Possibility to manually insert measures acquired by medical staff during visits
  • Graphical consultation of vital parameters trends in a continuous and aggregated mode
  • Setup of patient-specific rules to generate events classified by gravity
  • Compliance with GDPR regulation no. 2016/679
  • Setup of periodic monitoring plans which include vital parameters measurements - drugs and questionnaires
  • Management of notification events - from taking charge to resolution
  • Easy sharing of patient’s data among healthcare professionals according to the care team concept


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