EasyTeleMed™ Home

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EasyTeleMed™ Home is an innovative telemedicine solution for the autonomous acquisition of vital signs executed directly by the treated patient, at his/her home or in mobility, and automatic transmission to the EasyTeleMed™ Cloud web platform or to any other e-Health center.

EasyTeleMed™ Home is a mobile App conceived for a user not confident with technologies. It is provided with a user-friendly graphical interface, able to guide the patient via audio-visual reminders during the autonomous measurement activities, according to the personalized care plan, and provide immediate feedback on the measurements outcome.

EasyTeleMed™ Home is designed to minimize the number of interactions with the patient: to correctly perform the measurement in plan, one simply has to follow the instructions on the screen. The acquisition from the Bluetooth medical sensors and the transmission of the collected data to the cloud platform are completely automatic. Moreover, through EasyTeleMed™ Home it is possible to record measures on a voluntary basis and to answer questionnaires.

EasyTeleMed™ Home is also available in kit version, including a tablet with pre-installed App and a set of Bluetooth medical sensors.

Available sensors

  • Heart Rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Glycaemia
  • Weight
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Temperature

Key features

  • Intuitive user interface to guide the patient in autonomous measurements performing
  • Audio-visual reminder for planned activities
  • High number of Bluetooth biomedical sensors supported
  • Possibility to integrate any Bluetooth sensor
  • Acquisition and storage of planned and extra plan measures from biomedical Bluetooth sensors
  • Possibility to manually insert measures
  • Integration with any e-Health center and medical repository thanks to communication via XML protocol
  • Visualization of measurements history
  • Portable wireless solution
  • Possibility to submit questionnaires
  • Push notifications to receive immediate updates from the EasyTeleMed Cloud or any e-Health center
  • Secure data transmission (HTTPS) to the EasyTeleMed Cloud or any e-Health center


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