Apr 27, 2018

IngeniArs workshop, another reason to be proud

Thanks to all speakers and attendees for being part of this successful event!

Last 24th April, IngeniArs attended its workshop titled "The present and the future of High Speed Interfaces for Satellite On-Board Data System", in collaboration with University of Pisa. The event involved all major players in the space field, including the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. IngeniArs was honoured to have first Italian Astronaut Franco Malerba as chairman of the event.
The workshop was really a success. All the attendees, including the speakers, had really positive feedbacks about the talks and especially about IngeniArs’s products developed within the Horizon 2020 project named SIMPLE (SpaceFibre IMPlementation design & test Equipment). Many interesting discussions opened new commercial business opportunities for IngeniArs, in collaboration with major aerospace companies attending the workshop under the auspices of the Italian and the European Space Agencies. IngeniArs coach Franco Malerba greatly supported the workshop organization.


Thanks to all participants for being part of this successful event!


For further information, here a press release [in Italian] prepared in collaboration with Pisa University.



All the speakers of the workshop