Jul 17, 2018

New headquarters for IngeniArs!

New inauguration on Monday 16th July

The inauguration of the new company headquarters was held on Monday 16th July 2018. The new offices count on more than 100 square meters to host all the company staff, which has consistently grown over the last year. "IngeniArs was born in May 2014 from the sole capital of the 6 founding members. Today, we have 17 employees, all Master' s Degree or PhD Students of University of Pisa ", explains CEO Luca Fanucci.


At the event, Professor Leonardo Bertini, Delegate of the Rector for the promotion of Spin Off, Start Up and Patents initiatives, Professor Giovanna Mariani, Member of Spin-Off Committee, and Professor Giuseppe Anastasi, Department of Information Engineering Director, as well as representatives of major companies in the area.

Here the news on Unipi website.