Sep 4, 2019

On 24-27 Sept. at 8th TTC2019

The Eight ESA International Workshop on Tracking, Telemetry and Command Systems for Space Applications
A great opportunity for sharing our company news on TTC matters and meeting companies at our booth. 
Proud to give the final presentation of the jointly ESA-IngeniArs project "SCCC SW EGSE" during a two ours slot dedicated. 
Looking forward to participating and seeing you from 24 to 27 Sept. at ESOC, Darmstard, Germany!
8th TTC 2019 about: Tracking, Telemetry and Command systems are of fundamental importance in the space programmes. Recent developments in the areas of telecommunications, signal processing, computing and electronics, provide new capabilities in the design and functionality of TTC systems either in space or in ground systems. New frequency bands, including optical, start to be a reality. New Modulation and Coding schemes allow a more efficient use of the link resources. Its adequate exploitation is also a very attractive area for innovation of the space to ground link and for extraction of the consequent benefits. The way to operate a mission is evolving with the introduction of the latest innovations in TTC technologies, methods and system architectures, ranging from small nanosats to large Deep Space missions.
Location: European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), Darmstard, Germany