Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Class 1 missions, Commercial missions, Computer Vision, FPGA, High-Performance computing, Modular IP-core, SIMD

GPU@SAT is a complete HW/SW ecosystem for space systems dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision applications.

GPU@SAT comprises both a GPU IP Core for FPGA/ASIC enabling on-board advanced data processing and its development flow. The key advantages of the GPU@SAT are:

Hardware (GPU IP Core):

  • Integration into Space Qualified FPGA/ASIC for Class 1 Missions
  • Integration into Commercial FPGA/ASIC for Lower class Missions
  • Structure dedicated to SIMD and AI applications
  • HW board independent
  • Modular with Customizable number of Computational Elements
  • Standard AXI Bus Interface


  • Dedicated framework for compiling and porting AI models
  • Customizable compiler built on LLVM
  • Dedicated skeleton for developing new applications
  • Ready to use AI models



Key features

  • Ready for Class 1 missions
  • HW board independent
  • Dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision applications
  • Configurable power consumption and performance
  • Configurable ports
  • Dedicated development tools

Other information



  • FPGA/ASIC design
  • IP Core design
  • Digital signal processing
  • Artificial Intelligence for Space Embedded Systems



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