SPACEART® – SpaceWire / SpaceFibre Analyser Real Time

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SpaceART® is a complete testing solution for high speed links in space applications.

SpaceART® supports both SpaceWire (SpW) and SpaceFibre (SpFi) standards.

SpaceART® can operate as a SpW/SpFi EGSE, generating, processing and consuming SpW/SpFi packets in real time, allowing the validation of SpFi/SpW based devices at their full bandwidth.

SpaceART® can also act as a SpW/SpFi link analyser, which allows the monitoring of the link.

SpaceART® is available in different versions:

  • Standalone, connected with the Host-PC using Ethernet protocol
  • CompactPCIexpress: this Eurocard 3U format solution offers the capabilities to transfer data with the host-PC in real-time communicating with cPCIe protocol
  • PCIexpress option is also available

Key features

  • 4x SpaceWire interfaces running up to 400 Mbps configurable by user
  • 2x SpaceFibre interfaces running up to 2.5Gbps configurable by user (optional)
  • 8 Virtual Channels per SpaceFibre interface
  • Real-time packet generation
  • processing and consumption through PCIe communication
  • 4x user configurable trigger inputs/outputs
  • SpaceWire/SpaceFibre bridging
  • Selectable hardware packet generator and consumer to allow the easy saturation of the SpaceFibre link
  • Time-tagging of the received SpW/SpFi packets
  • Advanced Error injection/Word replacement capability to facilitate conformance testing of the system under-test
  • Simple yet powerful graphical user interface
  • Options for host PC interface: Gigabit Ethernet; Compact PCIexpress; PCIexpress
  • Easy user interface to check the status of each SpaceWire and SpaceFibre link (including standard flags and link/data rate measurement)
  • Trace memory of 8192 words (or more on request) to analyse protocol-specific features such as: flow-control; acknowledgement; frame re-transmission
  • Programmable via software API for test automation and advanced processing (C/C++; LabVIEW; more options on request)

Other information


  • SpaceFibre
  • SpaceWire


  • FPGA/ASIC design
  • Verification
  • Software design (system modelling)


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