SpaceFibre Router IP Core

Keywords: ASIC, Decoder, ECSS-E-ST-50-11C, Encoder, FDIR, FPGA, IP Core, Multi-lane, On-board satellite communication, QoS, Router, Routing, SpaceFibre, Very high data-rate, Very high speed, Virtual channels

The SpaceFibre Router IP Core offers a configurable and flexible solution for very high data-rate routing switch functionality for on-board satellite networking.

It is fully compliant with the SpaceFibre standard (ECSS-E-ST-50-11C).

It can be equipped with a configurable number of SpaceFibre, SpaceWire, FIFO ports.

The SpaceFibre Router IP Core supports all the network-level features defined by the SpaceFibre standard:

  • Multicast: a packet can be forwarded to multiple output ports at the same time according to its header
  • Group Adaptive Routing: the output port of a packet can be chosen from a set of possible output ports, choosing the first available one
  • VC Timeout: whenever the transfer of data from an input port to the connected output port requires more time than expected (higher than this timeout), the wormhole is closed, and the remaining part of the packet is discarded.

Key features

  • Configurable number of Virtual Channels
  • Compliant with SpaceFibre standard (ECSS-E-ST-50-11C)
  • Supports: Multicast; Group Adaptive Routing; VC Timeout
  • Technology-independent
  • Configurable number of SpaceFibre / SpaceWire / FIFO ports

Other information


  • SpaceFibre


  • FPGA/ASIC design
  • IP Core design
  • Verification

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