Keywords: AI, AI in space, ESA, FDIR, IP Core, Space system

The ESA project “On-Board health monitoring System for SATCOM” aims to develop an innovative Failure Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) system based on Artificial Intelligence. A specific focus is given to the use of Machine and Deep Learning algorithms directly on-board satellites, prompting innovation in how space missions are designed, and increasing the use of software whose behaviour is learnt from data, and not engineered through requirements.

Health-AI involves three Italian companies: Aiko Tyvak, and IngeniArs.

IngeniArs is the point of contact between the two worlds (software and hardware), filling the technological gap between artificial intelligence algorithms and the strict requirements of the space sector. It is responsible to port the algorithms developed by Aiko into two different HW platforms that will be mounted on the Tyvak’s flat-sat:

  1. COTS device
  2. Custom accelerator represented by a customizable GPU soft-Core deployable on different FPGAs, including the radiation-hardened FPGAs dedicated to the harsh space environment.

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  • FPGA/ASIC design
  • IP Core design
  • Artificial Intelligence for Space Embedded Systems

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