IP Core for medium data rate PDT

Keywords: ASIC, CCSDS 131.2-B, Encoder, FPGA, IP Core, Modulator, PDT, Satellite Downlink, SCCC, Telemetry

“IP Core for medium data rate PDT” is an European Space Agency project for the implementation of a flexible modulation and coding IP Core for Payload Data Transmission (PDT). IngeniArs is the prime (and single) contractor for the activity.

The specific objectives of the present activity are the design, implementation, verification, validation and testing of an IP Core implementing the SCCC coding and modulation scheme described in CCSDS 131.2-B standard, “Flexible Advanced Coding and Modulation Scheme for High Rate Telemetry Applications”.

The result of such relevant project is our CCSDS Telemetry Transmitter IP Core, which has been integrated different CCSDS 131.2-B transmitters by our customers.

Other information


  • CCSDS 131.2-B


  • FPGA/ASIC design
  • IP Core design
  • Verification

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