EasyTeleMed Professional Point of Care

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EasyTeleMed Professional v. Point of Care is the version of EasyTeleMed Professional, the CE-certified mobile application of EasyTeleMed (class II/A medical device according to EU Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745) for the professional monitoring in facilities, in pharmacy and other structures.

EasyTeleMed Professional v. Point of Care is designed for an expert user. The application allows the user to select a patient by scanning the national health card and perform vital parameter measurements and examinations, even according to the personalized care plan defined by the medical personnel, guiding the operator to properly complete the task.

Acquisition of vital parameters is performed via Bluetooth biomedical sensors and is automatic, eliminating errors due to manual transcription (manual entry is always guaranteed).

Transmission of collected data to EMR Plus is also automatic, allowing immediate reporting of the examinations performed by healthcare professionals.

EasyTeleMed Professional v. Point of Care is available as a stand-alone version (mobile application) and as a kit version, consisting of a tablet with the application installed and a set of Bluetooth medical sensors.

Key features

  • Large number of Bluetooth biomedical sensors integrated
  • Any Bluetooth sensor can be integrated
  • Acquisition and storage of scheduled and extra-agenda measurements from the supplied medical sensors
  • Manual input of measurements
  • Integration with any electronic medical record
  • Completely wireless solution also usable on the move
  • Simple and intuitive graphical user interface to guide the operator through the measurement acquisition
  • Possibility to view the history of the measurements acquired per patient
  • Patient selection by national health card scan
  • Multi-patient and multi-operator
  • Support of evaluation questionnaire
  • Forward of received measurements to EasyTeleMed Cloud or electronic medical record via secure HTTPS connection
  • Mobile application module of EasyTeleMed class II/A medical device for pharmacies and facilities


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