EasyTeleMed EMR Plus – Cloud

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EasyTeleMed EMR Plus (Cloud) is the CE certified web based platform of EasyTeleMed (class II/A medical device according to EU Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745), which acts as an electronic medical record.

It collects and processes data from EasyTeleMed Home, EasyTeleMed Professional and  EasyTeleMed Professional Point of Care mobile applications or other acquisition devices.

EasyTeleMed EMR Plus offers doctors a structured work environment for the remote management of their patients’ health status. It is an important tool to support the decision-making process of medical staff, providing a complete, up-to-date clinical picture of the patient that can be consulted at any time and place.

EasyTeleMed EMR Plus allows doctors to optimize their daily work processes, helping them to manage their work more efficiently while maintaining constant remote patient monitoring. Through the rule setting functionality, the doctor can train the system to generate notification events when certain situations occur regarding the patient’s activities or health status, highlighting those that violate these rules. In this way, as soon as the doctor logs into the EasyTeleMed EMR Plus platform, he/she can immediately have the list of patients requiring his/her attention, sorted by severity.

Key features

  • Management of electronic medical records of enrolled patients
  • Compliance with GDPR regulation n. 2016/679
  • Manual entry of measurements taken during visits
  • Graphical consultation of vital parameters trend acquired directly from patients in a continuous and aggregated manner
  • Management of notification events (from enrolment to resolution)
  • Easy sharing of patient data with other clinicians - applying the concept of care team
  • Televisits
  • Compatibility with HL7 standard
  • Setup and management of periodic customized monitoring plans including vital parameters / medications / questionnaires
  • Graphical consultation of single measurements
  • Setup of patient-specific rules and vital parameter thresholds for generating events of different severity
  • Highlighted patient list in dashboard
  • Scheduling | management | reporting of visits and appointments
  • Web application module of EasyTeleMed class II/A medical device for remote monitoring of patient health status


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