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EasyTeleMed is a flexible, configurable and customizable telemedicine platform, for different healthcare systems and patients, for the remote monitoring of patients’ health status by medical staff. It is certified as class II/A medical device according to the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

EasyTeleMed was developed with a team of physicians to meet their needs. It consists of a web application, the electronic medical record (EasyTeleMed EMR Plus), and mobile applications (EasyTeleMed Home, EasyTeleMed Professional and EasyTeleMed Professional Point of Care) for acquisition of vital parameters through Bluetooth biomedical sensors.

EasyTeleMed offers real-time management and monitoring services totally in the cloud, reachable by healthcare professionals at any time and any place. Through mobile applications, end-users can acquire measurements anywhere and anytime, enabling constant monitoring. EasyTeleMed thus provides the healthcare professional with a 360° view of the patient in a single system, offering the ability to organize data to optimize daily work processes, continuously and remotely monitor vital parameters and, in general, the health status of patients, and share data quickly and easily among colleagues.

Key features

  • Compliance with GDPR regulation n. 2016/679
  • Management of visits and appointments
  • Televisits
  • Compatibility with HL7 standard
  • Large number of Bluetooth biomedical sensors integrated
  • Any Bluetooth sensor can be integrated
  • Medical device in class II/A according to the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745
  • Acquisition of vital parameters through Bluetooth biomedical sensors (or manual input)
  • Graphical consultation of aggregated patient data in cloud
  • Setup of rules for generating notification of patient events
  • Patient care plan management
  • Immediate data sharing among professionals
  • Specific interfaces for patient and professional use
  • Secure data transmission in standard formats
  • Integration with other electronic medical records


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